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I've completed Leviathans, my Technomagical Fantasy Novel

Leviathans, finally completed. With everything that's happened in the last few years both globally and in my personal life its been a bit of an endeavor, but it's complete.

So what is Leviathans? It's a story about a young woman and her best friend being forced out of the city of their birth, and their adventures with a group of treasure hunters that lead places none of them expected. Along the way they meet people they'd otherwise never have met, and see sights they'd otherwise never have seen. It's a story about discovery, and adventure, and magic, and the unearthing of a forgotten secret.

I call it a technomagical fantasy because in the world of Leviathans magic isn't separate from technology, it's a part of it. Think Steampunk, but instead of steam, it's Magic. It flows through every part of the world and is used as a power source or converted into different forms. Leviathans is the labor of a few years of writing, and after an original draft and two rewrites, I'm finally happy with it.

The first five chapters are available right here on my website for free if you'd like to check out what its about for yourself, Just search for Leviathans! Should you then want to read the entire thing, for a dollar a month you can read it over on my Patreon (along with everything else I've ever written, and will ever write!)

My Patreon is over at:

You can also find me on Instagram @AuthorEoneth

On Twitter @Eoneth

and on Youtube @Eoneth

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